Dunlop Signature CS Tires

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Dunlop® Signature CS™ tires are designed specifically for crossover vehicles.

If you own a CUV, you know that there's a lot to love about them. They have the fuel efficiency of sedans and the safety features of full-sized SUVs. With all that versatility, having a set of tires that can enhance it all is important. That's where Dunlop Signature CS tires come in.

Technology & Benefits of Dunlop Signature CS Tires

Incredible Handling

Dunlop Signature CS tires possess Dunlop VersaLoad Technology™ and Jointless Band Technology™. Both increase the speed and precision of your vehicle's handling. They help the tires keep their shape under the added pressure of maneuvering and high speed driving. A tire's ability to maintain optimal shape allows it to respond to your steering exactly as the automaker intended. Reliable handling will keep you safe and make your driving more enjoyable.

All-Weather Traction

The tread pattern of these all-season tires incorporates Dunlop's Evaqua Grooves™-deep, wide channels that push water away. In addition, they have a high volume of tread blocks with biting edges that grip the driving surface whether conditions are ideal or not.

Made to Last

As much as we wish it wasn't true, we know that buying new tires isn't something most people love to do. Dunlop Signature CS tires will help you avoid the process for many years to come. With a little simple maintenance, the consistent treadwear that these tires provide should let you enjoy them long after the 60,000-mile limited warranty is behind you.