Dunlop Signature HP Tires

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Dunlop® Signature HP™ tires are all-season, sport performance tires. They can help take your car's traction and steering to the next level. So if you want to enhance your sporty coupe, sedan, or wagon, consider these tires. They're built to last too, which means you can take advantage of their performance benefits for thousands of miles to come.

Find out if Dunlop Signature HP tires are right for your vehicle with RightTurn's incredibly easy tire shopping experience. We designed it with those in mind who know nothing about tires. (Don't worry, gearheads. You'll love it too.) We guide you through identifying the exact vehicle you drive and your driving preferences. Then, we recommend tires that meet all of your car's safety standards and help you schedule an installation appointment.

Technology & Benefits of Dunlop Signature HP Tires

Reliable Traction

Dunlop Signature HP tires feature wide circumferential grooves and a unique blade design in their tread pattern. These features help them maintain traction in bad weather like rain and light snow. That's especially important if you drive a car with a powerful engine.

Performance Steering

One of the best things about having a sporty car is its ability to maneuver through turns and make its way through lanes of traffic. With Dunlop Signature HP tires, steering your sporty car can become even more fun.

A Long Tread Life

A tire with great performance might not be a great tire if it doesn't last. Thanks to durable materials and a design engineered for even tread wear, Dunlop Signature HP tires can safely last for years and years of driving.