Dunlop SP 20 FE Tires

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Dunlop® SP® 20 FE™ tires provide quality, reliable performance at a price that your wallet will appreciate. The all-weather rating means that these tires can take on the road in several different conditions. Dunlop built the SP 20 FE out of durable materials that are made to last for a long time. Thanks to their advanced tread pattern, you'll be able to ride in comfort.

Technology & Benefits of Dunlop SP 20 FE Tires


Dunlop SP 20 FE tires have the gripping power to keep you and your passengers safe. The wide and deep grooves that extend around the circumference of these tires force water out from under the tires. The hard tread block edges and multiple sipes-tiny slits in the tread blocks-can then hold tight on the pavement.

Long Lasting

Dunlop SP 20 FE tires are built with high-density tread, which promotes even treadwear over the entire face of the tire. This even treadwear, along with the durable materials used in these tires, extends the life of these tires. Add to that a little bit of simple maintenance-regular checking air pressure, tire rotations, and wheel alignments-and these tires will save you money by lasting for a long time.


By rolling smoothly over the road surface, the tread pattern of Dunlop SP 20 FE tires was designed to make your ride more comfortable. It also includes variable pitch tread design, which reduces the amount of noise that the tires cause.