Dunlop SP 31 A Tires

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Dunlop® SP 31 A™ tires are all-season tires that provide reliable performance in all kinds of weather. With a new set of these tires on your vehicle, you'll have traction to keep you on the road and handling to get you where you're going. These tires-and Dunlop in general-have such a good reputation that Honda uses them as original equipment (OE) on select models.

Technology & Benefits of Dunlop SP 31 A Tires


Dunlop SP 31 A tires feature an asymmetric tread pattern, which optimizes traction in both dry and wet conditions. When there's moisture of the road, the circumferential tread grooves quickly push it out from beneath the tires. Dunlop SP 31 A tires boast the M+S rating given to tires that perform exceptionally well on mud and snow.


Quality steering response can make a huge difference when you need to maneuver out of danger's path. It's also another reason to invest in Dunlop SP 31 A tires. They're designed to enhance the speed and precision of your vehicle's handling.


Riding in your vehicle will be a little more enjoyable if it's rolling on a set of Dunlop SP 31 A tires featuring Multi-Pitch Technology™. Multi-Pitch Technology helps reduce the noise caused as the tires roll, so you can be more comfortable and stay more alert to everything on the road.

Honda Original Equipment Tires

Select Honda models come fresh from the assembly plant fitted with Dunlop SP 31 A tires. Help your Honda get back to its initial quality by fitting it with a new set of these tires.