Dunlop SP 31 Tires

Dunlop® SP 31™ tires will give you handling to go in the right direction and traction to keep you on the road. They're all-season tires that provide reliable performance in all kinds of weather. The quality of these tires has made them original equipment (OE) on select models manufactured by Honda and by Toyota.

Technology & Benefits of Dunlop SP 31 Tires


Responsive can make a major difference when you have to maneuver out of danger's path. It's also another reason to choose Dunlop SP 31 tires for your vehicle. They'll enhance the precision and speed of your vehicle's steering.


Dunlop SP 31 tires feature a tread design that maximizes traction on both dry and wet roads. The circumferential grooves in the tread pattern quickly push water from beneath the tires. Because Dunlop SP 31 tires perform exceptionally well on mud and snow, they boast the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) M+S rating.


If your vehicle is rolling on a set of Dunlop SP 31 tires featuring Multi-Pitch Technology™, your ride will be a little better. This technology reduces road noise so you can be more comfortable and stay more alert to everything on the road.

Honda Original Equipment Tires

Select models of the Honda Civic, Fit, and Insight come brand new from the factory with a set of Dunlop SP 31 tires. Help restore the initial performance of your Honda by fitting it with new SP 31 tires.

Toyota Original Equipment Tires

Toyota also uses these tires as OE. If you drive a Toyota Corolla or a Yaris, consider Dunlop SP 31 tires as replacements. After all, they've been approved by Toyota.