Dunlop SP 60 Tires

Dunlop® SP 60® tires can improve the all-around quality of your drive. These touring tires are especially good at providing you with excellent handling, traction, and comfort. Because of Dunlop's commitment to producing quality tires, you'll be able to take advantage of all those benefits for a long time. Dunlop SP 60 tires also have a stylish design that will enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

Technology & Benefits of Dunlop SP 60 Tires


The ability to give you professional-grade handling is a result of the several different advanced technologies incorporated into Dunlop SP 60 tires. The tread pattern and the materials used to construct these tires make them especially responsive to your steering. You'll be able to maneuver quickly and precisely with these tires on your vehicle, which will help keep you and your passengers safe.


Dunlop SP 60 tires come with Traction Web Technology™ and MSI Traction Technology. Combined, these two technologies give these tires added power to grip the road when it's wet.


The strength of the polyester layers inside Dunlop SP 60 tires makes your ride much smoother. The tread pattern of these tires features Multi-Pitch Technology™ to absorb the noise created as they roll over the road. Dunlop SP 60 tires will let you sit back and enjoy the ride.

Long Tread Life

Dunlop SP 60 tires have wide, high-density steel belts inside and are built out of extra durable rubber compounds. As a result, you'll be able keep these tires on your vehicle for many, many miles.