Dunlop SP Sport 8000E Tires

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Dunlop® SP Sport® 8000E™ tires were engineered to provide ultra high performance for sports cars. A little moisture on the roads won't prevent these tires from tightly gripping the pavement. Because traction alone isn't enough for ultra high performance, these tires give you professional-grade steering response. They'll also make your ride more comfortable.

Technology & Benefits of Dunlop SP Sport 8000E Tires


Dunlop SP Sport 8000E tires feature a tread pattern that will keep a hold on the road while driving in the rain. The lateral tread voids and the 4 circumferential grooves evacuate water so that the tires are left with nothing but asphalt to grip.


The durable rib that extends around the center of each tire and the sidewall stabilizers help Dunlop SP Sport 8000E tires retain their shape at high speeds so that they respond to steering exactly as expected. These features make it easy to handle your vehicle with precision.


Dunlop SP Sport 8000E tires will help you and your passengers enjoy every mile. The tread pattern and materials used in them make your ride quieter by cancelling out some of their own noise. In addition, they're designed to roll smoothly and reduce the amount of vibration and bumpiness you feel.

BMW Original Equipment Tires

Look for the BMW star mark on certain sizes of these tires. This asterisk-shaped symbol appears on the sidewall of tires, indicating that they're BMW original equipment (OE). Dunlop SP Sport 8000E tires are OE for the BMW 540i.