Dunlop Space Saver MZMK3 Tires

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For a reliable replacement spare tire, consider Dunlop® Space Saver® MZMK3 tires. They're intended for use as a spare tire-although we hope you never need to use one-on select BMW automobiles. If you do get a flat tire and need to use your spare, there's a lot of important information that will make the entire process much easier. In fact, there are things you should do before ever hitting the road to be ready for a flat tire.

Check Your Spare Tire

The first step is finding your spare. Beneath the floor of the trunk is where spares are stored in most cars. Generally, SUVs and crossovers manufactured by BMW have their spares bolted underneath the vehicle. If you're having trouble finding your spare, look in your owner's manual to discover where it's stowed. If you still can't find it, you may not have one, and it's a smart idea to get one. Buying a Dunlop Space Saver MZMK3 spare tire is also a Tire-Smart idea.

If you do find your spare, you should examine it for any damage that could result in a serious tire failure. Check with your local BMW dealership to see if there's any damage to the spare or if you're unsure about its quality. A service technician can help determine if you should buy a new spare.

If You Experience a Flat

If you ever get a flat tire you should first try to get your vehicle as far to the side as possible or to a safe location. However, it's important to never drive on a totally flat tire. Doing so can result in irreversible damage to your wheel and potentially your whole vehicle. For full instructions on changing the flat and replacing it with a Dunlop Space Saver MZMK3 spare, check out our How to Change a Flat Tire article.

Driving on a Spare Tire

After your Dunlop Space Saver MZMK3 spare is on your vehicle, don't worry. It's a high-quality spare. Just be aware of the restrictions for driving on a spare tire. With most, you can drive up to 50 miles at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. But that's only a general rule. Every spare can have unique specifications. Read the sidewall of the spare to find out what they are.