Dunlop Sport BluResponse Tires

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Dunlop® Sport BluResponse™ tires are summer tires that can provide superb performance when the roads are dry and when they're wet. Because even during the summer you need to be ready for rain, these tires are designed for wet gripping power. The low rolling resistance you get with these tires helps enhance your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Add to that a quiet, comfortable ride and you've got an outstanding tire. You've got Dunlop Sport BluResponse tires.

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Technology & Benefits of Dunlop Sport BluResponse Tires

High Performance Traction

The specialized, advanced polymer used in the tread of Dunlop Sport BluResponse tires helps them grip the pavement in dry and wet conditions. Their variable land to sea ratio, or the ratio of tread to tread void, can help you avoid hydroplaning, one of the most dangerous driving hazards you can experience. Dunlop Sport BluResponse tires are also able to shorten your braking distances, the length of road it takes for you to come to a full stop.

Fuel Efficiency

Dunlop knows that drivers are concerned about the environment and about rising gas prices. They've helped address the issue by creating low-rolling resistance tires like Dunlop Sport BluResponse tires. Low-rolling resistance tires make it easier for your car's engine to move the vehicle. That results in less gas being burnt while you drive. You'll have a reason to be happy about the environment and about the money you can save.

A Quiet Ride

Dunlop Sport BluResponse tires can give you and your passengers a little extra comfort. The tread pattern of these tires reduces the amount of noise they make as they roll across the road. They can't do anything about noisy passengers, but they will help you enjoy the ride some more.