Dunlop Sport Maxx RT Tires

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Dunlop® Sport Maxx RT™ tires are ultra-high performance tires for use in summer weather. If you drive a sports car, muscle car, or any other performance vehicle, these tires might be just what you want. They can help maximize all of the amazing driving capabilities of your car. They're engineered for traction at high speeds and tight, responsive handling. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT tires have the added bonus of reduced rolling resistance.

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Technology & Benefits of Dunlop Sport Maxx RT Tires

Race-Inspired Traction

Confidence is a major part of driving a sports car with a powerful engine. You want to know that your tires can hug the inside of turns, that you can accelerate off the line, and that braking fast won't be a problem. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT tires are designed to deliver those exact qualities. They feature an adaptive tread compound that reacts to differing road conditions and maneuvers. These tires make use of a power braking block can reduce braking distance too.

Professional Quality Handling

When you're up to speed in your souped-up car, you need control. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT tires can help. The large outside shoulder blocks on Dunlop Sport Maxx RT tires increases the tires' stability. As a result, they maintain their shape under the intense pressure of maneuvering at high speeds. You get steering response that is both fast and accurate.

Low Rolling Resistance

Every little bit helps when it comes to saving fuel. Less fuel means a healthier environment and saving some money at the gas pump. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT tires are built to be low weight, which reduces rolling resistance. When your tires have to overcome less resistance, your car can be more fuel-efficient.