Dunlop Winter Maxx Tires

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Dunlop® Winter Maxx™ tires are reliable winter tires that fit a variety of vehicle types, sizes, and models. If you live in a region that experiences any significant amount of winter weather, even if it's just freezing temperatures, you can benefit from Dunlop Winter Maxx tires. They have the power to help your vehicle get better traction and more responsive steering. They can also give you peace of mind when the roads get really bad.

In a few easy steps, RightTurn can tell you if Dunlop Winter Maxx tires are right for you, your driving, and your vehicle.

Technology & Benefits of Dunlop Winter Maxx Tires

Excellent Traction

Dunlop Winter Maxx tires feature the Maxx Sharp Edge tread pattern and specialized sipes. These 2 advanced technologies combine to help maximize the contact patch (the area of the tire that touches the road). The result is optimal traction on snow and ice. Dunlop Winter Maxx tires are made from materials specially designed for flexibility in cold temperatures, which also adds to their excellent traction capabilities.

Responsive Steering

The wide grooves and sturdy tread blocks of Dunlop Winter Maxx tires help your vehicle respond quickly and accurately each time you turning your steering wheel. This kind of responsive steering is especially important when roads are slick. Maneuvering in traffic, cornering, and steering around road hazards can become a lot easier to do with 4 new Dunlop Winter Maxx tires on your vehicle.

Peace of Mind

Anyone who has driven in severe winter weather knows how stressful it can be. However, if your fit your vehicle with a new set of reliable winter tires like Dunlop Winter Maxx tires, you can notice a difference in performance. The confidence you get from that enhanced performance in bad weather can give you peace of mind, which can make driving more enjoyable and safer.