Firestone Affinity Touring T2 Tires

Firestone Affinity Touring T2 tires are excellent tires for drivers seeking reliable performance and comfort from their vehicles. As members of the touring class, these tires provide a balance between safety, performance, and comfort. Because they're built by Firestone, a company with many years in the tire industry, you can expect quality that will last for years.

Technology & Benefits of Firestone Affinity Touring T2 Tires

Long Lasting

Firestone Affinity Touring T2 tires were constructed with a variety of durable materials, including steel belts and long-link carbon. These materials, along with the expertly engineered shape of the tires, help these tires resist the treadwear that will eventually force you to replace them. All that durability also protects the tires against cuts, tear, punctures, and the various other damages that can occur while you drive. The result is tires that will remain safer for a longer time.

All-Season Traction

The tread pattern of Firestone Affinity Touring T2 tires gives them the power to grip the road in some of Mother Nature's worst conditions. The extreme heat of summer, spring rain, changing temperatures during autumn, and winter's cold are all conditions that these tires were made to handle.


A quiet ride isn't just about comfort - although it can't hurt in terms of making your drive more enjoyable. Because Firestone Affinity Touring T2 tires reduce road noise, you'll be much safer. Without all that noise, you can stay aware of the many obstacles out there on the road.