Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 Tires

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Firestone™ Firehawk™ GTA 03 tires. Doesn't the name just scream high performance? High performance tires like Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 tires have a lot to offer to sports car drivers. They provide traction at high speeds, superb steering response throughout all parts of the drive, and style to match the sporty look of your vehicle. What more could you ask for? How about a 40,000-mile or 5-year manufacturer's warranty?

Technology & Benefits of Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 Tires

Superior Traction

Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 tires have an all-season tread pattern that'll allow you to get in an exciting drive, despite Mother Nature's attempts to force your car into the garage. They're made to take on heat, changing temperatures, cold, and small amounts of snow. If you fit your vehicle with a set of these tires, expect a tight grip on the road as you accelerate, brake, and corner.

Responsive Handling

A sports car is built to take tight corners, hug the insides of wide turns, and maneuver effortlessly through obstacles. A set of inferior tires can almost completely ruin those capabilities. Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 tires, on the other hand, enhance all of those abilities, so that you can get optimal performance out of your vehicle.


It's not just the name that tells you these are high performance tires. The design of Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 tires go well with any vehicle that performs at a high level and wants to look the part.