Firestone FR690 Tires

Mounting, Balancing, Valve Stems, TPMS reset, Wheel Weights

Firestone™ FR690™ tires are the ultimate joy ride tires. So if you like to take a lot of leisurely rides, these tires are right for you. They provide excellent comfort and fuel efficiency. Their high level of quality is indicated by the fact that both Chrysler and Dodge install these tires on select models at the factory.

Technology & Benefits of Firestone FR690 Tires

ComfortFuel Efficiency

Another great feature of Firestone FR690 tires is their low rolling resistance. Because these tires have less force to overcome as they roll, your vehicle's engine will need less gas. Less gas of course means fewer carbon emissions and a longer time between trips to the pump. That's another reason you'll love going for a drive with Firestone FR690 tires on your vehicle.

Chrysler Original Equipment Tires

Select models of the Chrysler Sebring come standard with Firestone FR690 tires. In fact, Chrysler and Firestone have worked together to develop these tires so that they optimize the performance of the Sebring.

Dodge Original Equipment Tires

If you own a Dodge Avenger, you may already own a set of Firestone FR690 tires. Dodge fits these tires on select Avengers.