Firestone FR710 Tires

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Firestone™ FR710 tires are made for cars and minivans. Because they're intended for use on passenger vehicles, Firestone focused on making them safer, long lasting, and comfortable. These tires have loads of advanced technology packed into them, so you may be surprised to discover that they're available at an excellent value.

Technology & Benefits of Firestone FR710 Tires


Consider Firestone FR710 tires as added safety features on your vehicle. They have an all-season tread pattern that gives them the power to perform when the roads are dry and when they're wet. These tires provide traction while accelerating, braking, and cornering. When it comes to cornering, Firestone FR710 tires don't just give you traction. They also respond to your steering with accuracy and speed so that you're in control all throughout turns.

Tread Life

If you drive a passenger vehicle, you probably, well, often drive people. Whether you're carting the family around or hitting the town with friends, we know you're busy. The last thing you want to do is take your vehicle to the repair shop because your tires wore out quickly. Here's any easy way to prevent that: fit your ride with Firestone FR710 tires. They're made to resist the everyday wear and tear that tires experience. In addition, they're built with durable materials that can prevent major damage from road hazards.


No one wants to ride on tires that are bumpy and loud. Firestone FR710 tires have an extra wide footprint that increases their shock absorption. The tread pattern of these tires will reduce the amount of noise that your hear inside your vehicle.