Firestone FR740 Tires

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Firestone® FR740 tires are high performance tires designed to enhance the performance of passenger cars. These tires can deliver phenomenal handling and traction in a wide range of weather conditions. If that's not enough, fitting your car with Firestone FR740 tires can also enhance its style. So if you want performance and good looks, find out if Firestone FR740 tires are right for you and your car.

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Technology & Benefits of Firestone FR740 Tires


If you're like most drivers in the US, the roads you drive on experience very different weather conditions throughout the year. Wouldn't it be nice to have tires that could handle all that different weather? Well, Firestone FR740 tires are engineered for exactly that reason. The tread pattern, the materials they're built from, and even the shape of the tire all work together to give you reliable handling and traction. The handling and traction can last into the bad weather of spring, fall, even light winter weather.

M+S Rating

Firestone FR740 tires feature an M+S rating, which means that they can perform in mud and light snow. The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) doesn't just give this M+S rating to every tire. Only tires that meet very specific standards are eligible for the M+S stamp you'll see on the side of Firestone FR740 tires. That's also why, if FR740 tires meet the performance and safety standards of your car, they're a smart idea.

Original Equipment Tires

Firestone FR740 tires are original equipment (OE) tires. That means that they've been chosen by at least 1 automaker for use on their brand new vehicles. Your new car may have come with Firestone FR740 tires when you first bought it. If so, it's a smart idea to fit a set of them on your car when it's time for new tires.