Firestone Tempa Spare Tires

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Firestone™ Tempa spare tires will come to your rescue in the event of a flat tire. But before we tell you about this high quality spare by Firestone, there's some very important information you should know about spare tires in general. To begin with, one good thing piece of information to have is that Firestone offers spare tires that will fit many different makes and models.

Firestone Tempa Spare Tires & Firestone Tempa Radial Spare Tires Information

Examine Your Spare Tire

The first step in preparing for a flat tire is finding your spare tire. If you drive a car, check under the floor of your trunk. That's generally where they're stored. If you drive a truck, CUV, or SUV, look underneath your vehicle. Spares are often fastened to the undercarriage of these kinds of vehicles. Having difficulty finding your spare? Check for the location in the owner's manual. Still can't find it? You may not have one. If that's the case, it's a smart idea to get one, and Firestone Tempa spare tires are a smart choice. If you were able to locate your spare, check it for damage, such as tears, punctures, and cracks that could potentially cause a tire failure. Even the smallest amount of damage on a temporary spare can be dangerous. Contact us for advice on what to do about a damaged spare or to order a new spare like the Firestone Tempa spare.

In the Event of a Flat Tire

If you do get a flat tire - we sure hope you never do - you may want to be ready to change it by yourself. The first thing you to do is attempt to move your vehicle to a safe location to put on the spare tire. That being said, you should never drive on a tire that's lost all of its air pressure. If you do, you might cause permanent damage to your vehicle. For detailed instructions on removing the flat tire and putting on a Firestone Tempa spare, visit our How to Change a Flat Tire page.

Driving with a Spare Tire

Because Firestone Tempa spares were built with high quality materials, as with all spare tires, there are restrictions to how fast and how far you can drive. The typical range for temporary spare tires is 50 miles at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. However, every spare has different specifications. Check the sidewall of the spare for the specific limitations to ensure that you and your passengers stay safe.