Firestone Transforce AT Tires

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Firestone® Transforce AT tires are all-season tires for light trucks and medium trucks. They're especially good for trucks that are used for commercial purposes. They can help keep the work going in bad weather and in tough terrain. Because they're built for durability, they also help keep your vehicle moving by resisting damage.

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Technology & Benefits of Firestone Transforce AT Tires

All-Season Performance

Work or play, you need your truck to keep running when bad weather strikes. The tread pattern of Firestone Transforce AT tires is designed to create traction on roads when the driving surface is dry, when it's wet, and in light snow.

All-Terrain Performance

Firestone Transforce AT tires won't quit on you where the pavement ends. With excellent off-road handling and traction, these tires will help you get your cargo and your passengers right where they need to go.


Because Firestone Transforce AT tires have to deal with bad weather and rough terrain, they're built to be tough. Really tough. They're constructed with a high modulus rubber compound and with polyester and steel that add extra durability. Not only do these tough materials resist damage, but they also resist normal wear and tear for a long tread life.