Firestone Wilderness L/E Tires

Firestone™ Wilderness L/E® tires are excellent tires made for light trucks and medium trucks. If you own either kind of these trucks and especially if you drive it for commercial purposes, these tires are a very smart investment. They perform both on and off the road. They'll also save you some money because they're built to last for a long time and because they have high fuel efficiency.

Technology & Benefits of Firestone Wilderness L/E Tires


Firestone Wilderness L/E tires will keep a tight grip on the pavement in both dry and wet conditions. That means that you, your passengers, and your cargo will be safer as you accelerate, brake, and corner. Another benefit of these tires is that they're all-season tires. In other words, you shouldn't have to replace them with snow tires unless you face severe winter weather or temperatures dropping below 45•F.

Off-Road Performance

For drivers who use their trucks in the line of duty, these tires will help get you where you need to go. Jobsites often require some off-road driving, which Firestone Wilderness L/E tires are made to handle. Their excellent traction and responsive steering won't be left behind when you leave the pavement.

Long Lasting

Shopping for tires can be tough. We make it easier and hopefully enjoyable, but you probably don't want to do it again anytime soon. So why not invest in a set of tires that will last for a long time? Firestone Wilderness L/E tires are built with durable materials and a design that resists treadwear, increasing their lifespan.