Firestone Winterforce Tires

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Firestone™ Winterforce™ tires take wintertime driving to a whole new level. They provide traction for drivers who deal with snow, slush, and ice. You may have all-season tires on your vehicle, but if you live in a region that experiences any significant amount of winter weather, you need winter tires. The difference between driving on them and all-season tires will be night and day.

Technology & Benefits of Firestone Winterforce Tires

Performance in the Wintertime

Firestone Winterforce tires are made to cut through winter precipitation to the road below. If they can't these tires will bite into ice so that you keep a grip. With Firestone Winterforce tires on your vehicle, you'll also get outstanding steering response when the roads are affected by winter conditions. These tires will prevent your tires from spinning while you accelerate. They'll shorten braking distances. They'll also keep you in control as you corner.

Extra Grip

For those drivers who face extreme winter conditions, Firestone Winterforce tires are studdable. Depending where you live, you may even be required by law to put studs on your tires. On the other hand, some cities and towns don't allow studded tires. Be sure to check with your local department of transportation or police department to learn about laws governing the use of studded tires.


Many winter tires on the market are made for traction but not comfort. Firestone Winterforce tires are engineered for both. You'll feel comfortable because your ride will be smooth and because you'll know you're safe.