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General™ GRABBER ARCTIC LT tires can provide your truck with enhanced winter driving capabilities. They feature a highly specialized tread pattern that reacts to the driving surface. In addition, they're made out of materials that can out perform all-season tires in the cold temperatures that winter brings.

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Technology & Benefits of General GRABBER ARCTIC LT Tires

Winter Traction

General GRABBER ARCTIC LT tires feature an integrated 3D sipe system that provides thousands of biting edges that can grip the road, snow, and ice. The tread pattern is designed to quickly evacuate water from under the tire to help you avoid hydroplaning.

Reactive Contour Technology

One of the best parts about General GRABBER ARCTIC LT tires is the Reactive Contour Technology (RCT). RCT is so effective in winter conditions because winter conditions can vary so much day to day. RCT helps these tires actually react differently to dry roads, snowy roads, wet roads, and icy roads so that the tires keep optimal contact with the driving surface. Better contact means better traction and better handling.

Performance in Freezing Temperatures

Many people don't realize that one of the most difficult parts of winter weather for tires is the temperature. Temperatures consistently at or below freezing can make your tires stiff and inflexible, which prevents the best possible performance. But General GRABBER ARCTIC LT tires are made with materials engineered precisely to deal with frosty air and frigid roads.