General AltiMAX Arctic Tires

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General™ AltiMAX Arctic tires are versatile winter tires that can fit on passenger vehicles, light trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. They're able to handle everything from mild winter conditions to extreme snow and ice. If you live in an area that experiences any amount of winter weather, purchasing a set of winter tires is an incredibly valuable investment. They'll help keep you and your passengers safe in ways that all-season tires can't.

Technology & Benefits of General AltiMAX Arctic Tires

Reliable Traction

General AltiMAX Arctic tires have a high quantity of sipes (narrow grooves in the read blocks). Because of their 270•F range of angles, the biting edges of the sipes provide grip when the roads are terrible. These tires also push water, slush, and snow out of the way quickly, resulting in high-level traction.

Reactive Technology

The Reactive Contour Technology (RCT) incorporated into these tires gives them the ability to conform to the driving surface optimal traction. That's not something every tire can do when the temperature drops to near freezing. RCT responds to both the weather conditions affecting the road and the shape of the road itself.

Studdable Tires

Sometimes, when winter rears it's ugly head, tires alone aren't enough to get a grip. That's when you need to add studs to your tires. In some cities and states, studs are required for winter driving. General AltiMAX Arctic tires have you covered because they're ready to be studded whenever you need.