General Altimax HP Tires

Mounting, Balancing, Valve Stems, TPMS reset, Wheel Weights

General™ AltiMAX™ HP tires are high performance tires designed for passenger vehicles. If you want the ability to make every ride an exciting driving experience, these tires are right for you. Because they're all-season tires, you can count on their high performance capabilities when the weather gets ugly.

Technology & Benefits of General AltiMAX HP Tires

Smart Tires for Smart Drivers

Imagine a tire that tells you when to service them. That's how smart General AltiMAX HP tires are. They feature a Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI) and Replacement Tire Monitor (RTM). The VAI makes it easy for you to see if it's time to get your tires realigned, which in turns keeps you safe. The RTM indicates when you need to replace the tire so that you're never stuck with an inferior, unsafe tire.


General AltiMAX HP tires react to whatever conditions they face. The contours of these tires adapt to the surface of the road and the weather affecting it, resulting in consistent, excellent traction. You'll also get responsive handling when you fit these tires on your vehicle.


General AltiMAX HP tires are made to deliver a comfortable ride. They incorporate technology that cancels out a lot of the road noise. You won't need to use the radio to drown out annoying vibrations from your tires, just annoying passengers. These tires are built with high and low density tread compounds to absorb as much shock from the road as possible, making your ride smooth.