General AltiMAX RT Tires

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General™ AltiMAX™ RT tires are stylish touring tires designed for demanding drivers. They start with the safety features of passenger tires and add performance characteristics. That's not all they have going for them. As all-season tires, they'll perform in bad weather too. These tires aren't all about performance. They're ready to make your ride nice and comfortable.

Technology & Benefits of General AltiMAX RT Tires


General AltiMAX RT tires respond to the conditions of the road and the weather. By creating a tread pattern that adapts to its surroundings, the General engineers have made tires that provide consistent traction while accelerating, braking, and cornering. They'll also give you the power to maneuver like a pro with their fast, accurate handling.

Smart Tires for Smart Drivers

General AltiMAX RT tires are so smart that they can tell you when it's time to get them serviced. (Seriously!) They feature a Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI), which makes it simple to know when to get your tires realigned. That, in turn, keeps you and your passengers safe. If these tires were any smarter, they'd drive your car for you.


General AltiMAX RT tires incorporate technology that prevents them from making the kind of noise that less sophisticated tires will make as they roll. The advanced rubber compounds used in these tires make your ride smoother by absorbing the vibrations, bumps, and jolts that come along with driving on less than perfect roads. The result: you get a nice, quiet ride, assuming you don't have any pesky passengers along for the ride.