General AmeriTrac TR Tires

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General™ AmeriTrac TR™ tires will make your drive safer and more enjoyable if you own a truck or SUV that you drive both on the road and off the road. These rugged tires were made to offer traction and responsive handling when the pavement is wet, so you stay safe. They also provide grip on even the toughest of off-road terrains. More fun for you! Available in light truck (LT) and P-metric sizes, these tires will fit on a very wide selection of trucks and SUVs.

Technology & Benefits of General AmeriTrac TR Tires

On-Road Performance

General AmeriTrac TR tires have a tread pattern that gives them incredibly diverse capabilities. For instance, they're able to hold the road under all kinds of weather conditions. That's exactly why they're considered all-season tires and feature the M+S (mud and snow) rating. These tires also deliver accurate and fast steering response.

Off-Road Reliability

You don't want your tires' performance to end where the pavement does. That won't happen with General AmeriTrac TR tires. They're reliable on terrain that other off-road tires can't handle. Because you can count on these tires' traction and durability, a lack of confidence in your tires won't stop you from taking the trail less traveled.

Ram Original Equipment Tires

The Ram 3500 uses General AmeriTrac TR tires as original equipment (OE) tires. In other words, certain versions of the Ram 3500 come standard with these tires. If you own one of these powerful trucks, it's a smart decision to fit it with a new set of General AmeriTrac TR tires. They'll help you get the exact performance that Ram wants you to.