General AmeriTrac Tires

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General™ AmeriTrac™ tires were originally developed using computer modeling technology. That means that hundreds of potential tread patterns were tested before General determined which was good enough for AmeriTrac tires. The result: tires that provide all-season traction, consistent handling, and comfort. These tires are also made to wear evenly, so you can safely keep them on your vehicle for as long as possible.

Technology & Benefits of General AmeriTrac Tires

All-Season Traction

General AmeriTrac tires were made to provide traction all year long because General knows that your life doesn't start and stop with the weather. The large circumferential grooves sweep moisture out from under the tire so that the tread blocks can grip the road. They even feature an M+S rating, indicating their ability to perform in mud and snow. With these tires on your vehicle, you'll be able to brake and corner with confidence.

Consistent Handling

You might not even realize it, but every time you turn your steering wheel a particular way, you expect the same response. Inferior tires can't offer that kind of consistency. General AmeriTrac tires do. That will give a feeling of total control when you're in the driver's seat. That's a feeling every drive deserves to have.

Quiet Driving

Every driver deserves comfort too, and these tires will deliver. Their tread pattern is specifically designed to reduce unwanted road noise. So not only will you have a comfortably quiet drive, but because you'll be able to hear the many warning signals out there on the road, it'll also be a safe one.