General Exclaim UHP Tires

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General™ Exclaim UHP™ tires will give you the power to drive like a pro. These all-season, ultra high performance tires will boost the driving capabilities of any sports car, coupe, or sedan. They provide responsive handling, outstanding traction throughout the drive, and a sporty look. What more could you ask for from ultra high performance tires? A good price? Well, General Exclaim UHP tires have that too.

Technology & Benefits of General Exclaim UHP Tires

Performance Handling

Owning a sports-tuned vehicle has a lot of benefits. Perhaps the greatest is the fun you can have while driving it. Much of that fun comes from your ability to maneuver in various circumstances, and you need the right tires to do that. The high stability of General Exclaim UHP tires allows them to respond to your steering, consistently, quickly, and accurately. The result is handling that makes for an exciting ride on straightaways and while cornering, on dry roads and in the rain.

Performance Traction

The tread of General Exclaim UHP tires is made of a 2nd generation silica compound. The 2nd generation provides advanced traction in wet conditions. The tread pattern aggressively forces moisture out of the way so that the tires can grip the road beneath. These tires even feature the M+S rating, a rating given by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) to tires that provide traction in mud and snow.

Unique Style

The extremely unique tread pattern of General Exclaim UHP tires doesn't only benefit traction. It'll make your car look better too. No one will doubt the fact that you're ready for high performance driving when you have a set of these tires on your ride.