General Grabber AW Tires

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General™ Grabber AW tires will give you reliable performance on your truck or SUV. As all-season tires, they're equipped to handle a variety of road conditions. You'll have the confidence to get to your destination when the weather takes a turn for the worse. General Grabber AW tires provide handling that can tame very large trucks and SUVs so that you don't have to choose between power and finesse.

Technology & Benefits of General Grabber AW Tires


General Grabber AW tires will give you responsive and fast steering response. Their solid center rib and overall stability make it easy to maneuver your vehicle. When your truck or SUV is loaded up with cargo, you can count on these tires to get it all to its precise destination.


The computer-modeled tread pattern of General Grabber AW tires represents the best result of thousands of potential tread patterns. Through the wide circumferential grooves, their tread design can quickly push water out of the way. That makes gripping the road easy for these tires. It will also help you avoid hydroplaning, one of the most dangerous hazards on the road.

Nissan Original Equipment

Nissan uses General Grabber AW tires as original equipment (OE) on select versions of their trucks and SUVs. OE tires are the tires that are installed on the vehicle when it's first manufactured. It's a smart idea to replace the tires on your Nissan with the tires that the automaker chooses. General Grabber AW tires are OE for the following models produced by Nissan:

  • Frontier
  • Pathfinder
  • Xterra