General Grabber TR Tires

General™ Grabber™ TR tires are ideal for owners of 4x4 trucks and SUVs that use the 4-wheel drive for off-road driving. General Tire knows that off-road terrain can be incredibly demanding. They also know that off-road drivers can be even more demanding than the terrain. That's why they make the Grabber TR. These tires live up to the demands of the trail - and the driver - by providing traction, self-cleaning technology, and durability.

Technology & Benefits of General Grabber TR Tires


General Grabber TR tires will grip the driving surface whether it's pavement, rocks, sand, mud, or just about anything else your adventures will take you over. They've been granted an M+S rating by the Rubber Manufacturers Association because of their excellent traction in mud and snow. Fit your vehicle with General Grabber TR tires and be ready for anything.


General Grabber TR tires feature a self-cleaning tread pattern. You won't have to worry about the dangers of rocks getting stuck between the tread blocks. When rocks get lodged in a tread pattern, they can cause damage to the tire and prevent it from gaining traction, the last 2 things you want when you're nowhere near the road.


General Grabber TR tires are made with extremely durable materials. The result is a high resistance to cuts and chips. Not only will this help you avoid flat tires and blowouts, but it also helps slow the gradual wear that will eventually require that the tires be replaced.