Gislaved Nord*Frost 100 (pre-stud) Tires

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Gislaved® Nord*Frost 100 (pre-stud) tires are engineered to perform in the most extreme conditions winter can throw at you. They can provide responsive steering and traction helps you stay safe when the roads are affected by bad weather. Gislaved Nord*Frost 100 (pre-stud) tires are built to last for a long time, while offering great fuel efficiency.

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Technology & Benefits of Gislaved Nord*Frost 100 (pre-stud) Tires


The tread pattern of Gislaved Nord*Frost 100 (pre-stud) tires includes interlocking tread blocks and shoulder sipes. These features help your vehicle respond accurately and speedily. Handling like that can help you stay safe when conditions when the road is covered in rain, ice, and snow and when temperatures are at or below freezing.

Winter Traction

Driving in winter can be difficult. Gislaved Nord*Frost 100 (pre-stud) tires can help make it a little easier. These tires use many highly advanced technologies that are designed to grip the road or the snow and ice covering the road in really tough conditions. Gripping edges in different directions, double pitch tread design, and both straight and zigzag sipes work together to help you maintain traction in the wide variety of conditions you might face during the wintertime.

High Mileage, Low Rolling Resistance

If you live anywhere that experiences any amount of severe winter weather, a set of winter tires shouldn't even be an option. They should be a requirement. Gislaved Nord*Frost 100 (pre-stud) tires are a great choice because for your winter tires because they can last you for many years to come. They have a wear-resistant tread pattern and are made of durable rubber compounds. You can save some money on too over the long life of these tires as well. Gislaved Nord*Frost 100 (pre-stud) tires help your vehicle get the best fuel efficiency possible.