Goodyear Eagle RS-A EMT Tires

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Goodyear® Eagle® RS-A EMT tires are a smart decision for drivers of high performance vehicles who want superb handling and traction power. These tire can also help keep you safe if you ever get a flat tire. With the Goodyear name, it shouldn't come as a surprise that these tires can offer so many benefits and such outstanding performance.

Find out the easy way if your vehicle can benefit from Goodyear Eagle RS-A EMT tires. RightTurn will only match you with tires that are right for your vehicle based on all of its many performance and safety specifications.

Technology & Benefits of Goodyear Eagle RS-A EMT Tires

Performance Handling

The wide lateral grooves and the aggressive shoulder blocks on Goodyear Eagle RS-A EMT tires enhance these tires' ability to deliver phenomenal steering response in a variety of handling scenarios. They're designed to excel in long straightaways, sharp corners, and wide turns.

Gripping Power

Your sports car's engine won't wait up for your tires. That's why you need tires like Goodyear Eagle RS-A EMT tires. They can keep up with all that power from acceleration through braking. In addition, Goodyear Eagle RS-A EMT tires have Goodyear's all-season rating, which means they can create traction in heat, rain, and even light winter conditions.

Goodyear Extended Mobility Technology

The "EMT" in the name Goodyear Eagle RS-A EMT tires stands for Extended Mobility Technology, which is 1 of Goodyear's 2 run-flat tire technologies. These tires will allow you to drive on them even if they go flat from a puncture, tear, or other kind of damage. With the extra 50 miles they give you, you'll be able to get to a repair shop or a safe place to change your tire.