Goodyear Eagle Vector 2+ (EV-2) Tires

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Goodyear® Eagle® Vector 2+ tires, also known as Goodyear EV-2 tires, are great tires for anyone who has to deal with significantly different weather conditions throughout the seasons. All-season tires like Goodyear Eagle Vector 2+ tires are important because of their ability to adapt to weather conditions, something that summer tires can't do. The benefits of Goodyear Eagle Vector 2+ tires have gained them approval by some of the world's top auto manufacturers including Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen.

Technology & Benefits of Goodyear Eagle Vector 2+ Tires

All-Season Performance

The technology that Goodyear has developed, known as SmarTRED Weather Reactive Technology, incorporates different kinds of tread into each Eagle Vector 2+. Each kind of tread is particularly effective at handling a different weather condition. The result is a tire that takes on hot and dry roads, cold and wet roads, and roads covered in light snow.

Long Life

Another benefit of Goodyear Eagle Vector 2+ tires is their ability to last for many miles. SmarTRED Technology, in addition to improving performance across various conditions, helps the tread of these tires wear evenly. When tread wears evenly, which can be aided by regular inflations and tire rotations, tires last longer and won't need to be prematurely replaced.

Cost Effective

These tires won't break your budget. When you buy Goodyear Eagle Vector 2+ tires, you get tires that are safe and that last a long time, all for a good price.