Goodyear Excellence ROF Tires

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Goodyear® Excellence® ROF tires have been made for some of the best European cars on the market. If you drive a BMW, MINI, or Mercedes-Benz vehicle, there may be a set of Goodyear Excellence ROF tires made exactly for you. These automakers have worked with the tire manufacturer to finely tune this tire to meet their standards. Choosing tires stamped with your automaker's seal of approval ensures that your car will handle and perform at its best.

Benefits of Goodyear Excellence ROF Tires

Flat Tire Protection

Goodyear Excellence ROF tires include RunOnFlat® technology. Because Excellence ROF tires contain run-flat technology, you can drive on them even after they go flat. After losing air pressure, drive up to 50 miles at 50 mph or less.

Goodyear Excellence ROF Tires for BMW

BMW has put its star marking on certain Goodyear Excellence ROF tires. The star marking means BMW has tested and adjusted the design of the tires to meet the performance requirements of certain models. Star-marked Goodyear Excellence ROF tires go on the 528i, 535i, 650i, 750i, and 750Li.

Goodyear Excellence ROF Tires for MINI

If you drive a MINI Cooper Hardtop or MINI Cooper Convertible, these tires are probably a good choice for you. They meet the automotive manufacturer's strict tests for performance and safety.

Goodyear Excellence ROF MO Tires

"MO" printed on a tire's sidewall means Mercedes-Benz Original Equipment. Goodyear Excellence ROF MO tires have been optimized for certain model years of the CL600, CLK350, S550, and SLK350.