Goodyear Excellence Tires

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When you buy an impressive European vehicle, you know that you need to make sure everything under the hood is finely tuned. You also take the time to make sure the interior and exterior look their best. But what about your tires? Don't stop your efforts short. When it's time to replace your tires, you choose a set that is approved by your vehicle's manufacturer. Goodyear® Excellence® tires meet the demanding requirements of high-end European automakers. If you want to keep your vehicle running like it did when it was new, replace your tires with tires that meet your automaker's requirements, such as Goodyear Excellence tires.

Technology & Benefits of Goodyear Excellence Tires

Personalized Design

Goodyear Excellence tires have a special tread design that European car manufacturers have optimized. For example, these tires meet Audi's requirements for newer models of the Q5. This collaboration between vehicle manufacturers and tire makers leads to tires that work with the vehicle's suspension to transfer all the force and performance to the road. You can also be sure that these tires have passed strict safety and performance tests. Goodyear Excellence tires have the highest government rating for traction.

Comfortable Drive

Goodyear Excellence tires have a tread pattern that gives you a quiet and comfortable ride. Don't replace your tires with ones that might cause noise or harshness when you drive.

High Performance Traction

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives these tires an A for traction. That feature not only keeps you safe but also gives you great handling and maneuverability.