Goodyear G622 RSD Tires

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Goodyear® G622 RSD tires for light and commercial trucks give you the toughness you expect from tires. On top of being tough, these tires deliver great traction and handling. Goodyear G622 RSD tires have been designed for possible retreading, which means that under the right conditions, you might not have to buy new tires when these wear down. Make sure retreaded tires are legal for your vehicle before you use them. You demand a lot from your vehicle. Why settle for tires that can't meet those demands?

Technology & Benefits of Goodyear G622 RSD Tires


The most important thing you can find in tires for commercial vehicles is durability, and that comes standard with every set of Goodyear G622 RSD tires. From the tie-barred shoulders to the Unisteel® construction, these tires have been built to handle whatever you, the road, and the work site throw at them. All that durability means you'll stay on the road, and your business will stay on track.


The tread pattern of Goodyear G622 RSD tires features aggressive blading to enhance the traction of your vehicle. Whether you're hauling cargo or driving over tough terrain to get where you need to go, you won't have to worry about slipping and sliding.


A major part of driving commercial vehicles is the need for precise maneuvers. Backing up your vehicle so you can unload cargo, taking tight turns around obstacles, and quickly switching lanes while hauling all require quick and accurate steering. Goodyear G622 RSD tires let you drive like the pro you are.