Goodyear G647 RSS Tires

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Goodyear® G647 RSS tires are intended for use on commercial vehicles that undergo grueling conditions. If your vehicle is on the road for most of the workday, whether you're making deliveries, hauling heavy cargo, or traveling from site to site, these tires are ideal. Goodyear G647 RSS tires give you excellent traction in all conditions, last for a long time, and make it easy to determine how worn down the tread is.

Technology & Benefits of Goodyear G647 RSS Tires

Traction in All Conditions

The circumferential grooves (grooves that extend around the tire) and the lateral blades (edges that run across the tire and help grip the road) give Goodyear G647 RSS tires the power to hold onto the road in wet conditions. These tires have also been M+S stamped, which means they have been approved for use in mud and snow.

Long Lasting

The tread pattern, rubber compounds, and sidewall protector ribs-everything about Goodyear G647 RSS tires helps them resist wear. The longer they last, the longer you keep your vehicle out of the shop. Stopping to install new tires won't put your business on hold anytime soon.

Treadwear Indicators

Wear indicators are on the sidewall of every Goodyear G647 RSS tire. These indicators help you determine how close the tire is to needing a replacement. That's important when it comes to your business because you'll have plenty of warning before you need to purchase new tires. Having new tires ready and waiting means you get in and out of the shop and back on the road.