Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance Tires

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Goodyear® Ultra Grip® Performance tires are game changers. These ultra high-performance winter tires can provide professional grade performance in bad winter conditions. So if you drive a high-performance sports car, coupe, or super car in snow and ice, Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance tires might be right for you.

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Technology & Benefits of Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance Tires

Cold-Weather Driving

Many people don't realize it, but one of the biggest factors that makes winter driving hazardous is the temperature. Cold weather can make tires stiff, resulting in less traction and less responsive steering. Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance tires are designed to deal with temperatures consistently at or below freezing to help you maintain grip on the road and steer through all the many road hazards that winter creates. They feature highly-specialized rubber and internal materials to take on cold weather.

Braking in Snow & Ice

If you've driven in snow, ice, rain, and slush, you know that traction can be difficult. Especially when you hit your brakes. Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance tires use a saw-shaped center rib, high-volume sipes, and biting edges to help you come to a stop without slipping or sliding.

The Mountain Snowflake Symbol

Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance tires have the very important Mountain Snowflake symbol on their sidewalls. That means that the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), an independent tire regulation group, approves these tires for use in severe winter weather conditions. Anyone who drives in any moderate to severe amount of snow or freezing temperatures should have tires with this symbol, tires like Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance tires.