Hankook DH01 Drive Position Tires

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Hankook® DH01® drive position tires were engineered by Hankook designers for medium- and long-haul trucking. We recommend this drive axle tire for certain heavy-duty pickup trucks. RightTurn.com has matched the automaker requirements for certain RAM and Ford trucks with Hankook DH01 drive position tires. Get long mileage and durability with these tough truck tires.

Technology & Benefits of Hankook DH01 Drive Position Tires


If you use your truck for work, then getting the most miles out of your tires is especially important. When driving is a key part of your livelihood, the bottom line depends on how much you get out of you resources. Hankook DH01 drive position tires have wide treads that improve mileage. The large tread radius also increases wear resistance. Thanks to those two features, these Hankook truck tires wear down more slowly, giving you more safe miles before you need to buy a new set.


DH01 drive position tires have wide lugs that contribute to traction. These tires grip the road well, so you can accelerate, maneuver, brake, and turn with ease. With such a heavy vehicle with even heavier cargo, you need tires that always hold on tightly to the road.

Not only do these tires provide traction on dry roads, but they've also got you covered in the rain. Their deep sipes improve traction on wet pavement. Don't worry about slipping on water-slicked roads. Get to you job site or anywhere else safely and quickly.