Hankook Optimo H426 3-Groove Tires

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Hankook® Optimo® H426 3-groove tires were designed to best suit passenger cars that are used in all seasons. Designers crafted these tires to provide reliability and comfort. When it comes time to buy new tires, you'll be glad you read up on Hankook Optimo H426 3-groove tires for your sedan or coupe.

Technology & Benefits of Hankook Optimo H426 3-Groove Tires

Quiet Driving

Have you ever thought about the noise your tires make while you drive on the highway? If you have a set of high quality tires, you probably haven't. The engineering that goes into top-of-the-line tires reduces or eliminates the noise that tires can make while they roll against the road. Hankook Optimo H426 3-groove tires have a unique rib-block design on their outer edges to reduce vibration and noise as much as possible. The result is the quiet and comfortable ride you expect.

All-Season Security

Optimo H426 3-groove tires were made with a silica compound that allows your tires to hold up in rain, cold temperatures, and light snow.


Nobody likes to spend more money than they have to. Hankook Optimo H426 3-groove tires help you get the most for your money with slow treadwear and higher fuel efficiency. The long lasting treads of these car tires increase the amount of time you can safely use them. The more miles you get out of your tires, the longer the time before you need to buy a new set. The improved fuel efficiency of these tires also helps you save money at the gas pump.