Hankook Optimo H725A B-Type Tires

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RightTurn.com recommends Hankook® Optimo H725A® B-type tires for small coupes and sedans like the 2004-2011 Mazda3 and the 2007-2012 Mazda5. Passenger tires like the Hankook Optimo H725A B-type are best suited for these two- and four-door cars. They provide the safety features you need to navigate the highway and the city, and they also have the reliability of all-season capability. Finally, Hankook Optimo H725A B-type tires are guaranteed to last for up to 50,000 miles with proper care.

If you want to buy tires for your sedan or coupe, we recommend tires like the Optimo H725A B-type.

Technology & Benefits of Hankook Optimo H725A B-Type Tires

Everyday Safety

The high traction rating of Hankook Optimo H725A B-type tires helps your vehicle do some very important things. Traction is a big part of how well your vehicle responds to your brakes. It helps you slow down and stop safely and quickly. Traction also helps you turn corners and maneuver through traffic while keeping control of your car.

All-Season Reliability

You use your car a lot. There's a good chance you drive it every day. Unless you're lucky enough to live in a warm and sunny climate, you need tires you can use in the wintertime. These Hankook tires can be used on dry roads, in the rain, and in some snow.


Hankook Optimo H725A B-type tires have a 50,000-mile manufacturer's treadwear warranty. If you take care of them properly, you can count on them for thousands of miles.