Hankook Ventus AS Tires

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Hankook Ventus AS tires are specially designed for enhancing the performance of your truck, crossover or SUV. Built with high-tech tread rubber, these tires will deliver quality that combines performance, longevity and traction. Hankook's quality is apparent in the number of auto manufacturers that have chosen Hankook tires as original equipment. Just a few of the auto manufacturers that fit Hankook tires on their vehicles at the factory are Chevrolet, Hyundai, and Volkswagen.

Technology & Benefits of Hankook Ventus AS Tires

Wet Traction

Hankook Ventus AS tires boast six circumferential grooves (the grooves that stretch around the entire length of the tire) on each tire. These grooves, in combination with the open shoulder design of Ventus AS tires, give these tires superb ability to channel water out from beneath them. You can be confident that these tires will increase your grip on the road in wet weather and help you avoid hydroplaning.


The solid center line on Hankook Ventus AS tires gives them added stability, which allows you to maintain responsive handling even at higher speeds. If you drive a light truck, crossover or SUV stability is very important so that you can keep a high level of control of your larger, heavier vehicle.

Low Noise

The high density siping of Hankook Ventus AS tires adds hundreds of biting edges to the tread pattern of these tires, which not only provide extra traction but also reduce the noise made as your tires roll.