Hankook i*Pike RS (W419) Tires

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Hankook® i*Pike RS (W419) tires are premium winter tires that excel at performing in icy conditions. However, it's not just ice that these tires can take on. Cold temperatures, snow, and wet roads are only a few more examples of what these tires can handle. So if you have to drive in winter weather, Hankook i*Pike RS (W419) tires might be right for you.

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Technology & Benefits of Hankook i*Pike RS (W419) Tires


Hankook i*Pike RS (W419) tires include Aqua Slants, Snow Slits, and Spuit Holes as just some of the advanced design features that help these tires maintain traction. Their unique tread pattern is engineered to evacuate water from under the contact patch. It's also designed to cut through snow and bite into ice to help keep a grip on the driving surface. If you face extreme winter driving conditions, these tires are also studdable for extra traction.


Another major benefit of Hankook i*Pike RS (W419) tires is a long tread life. While it might seem like a set of winter tires is a luxury, Hankook i*Pike RS (W419) tires make a second set of tires well worth it. They're made out of durable materials that can last for several winter seasons. Thanks to the long-lasting excellent performance, you know you're making a smart investment when you purchase Hankook i*Pike RS (W419) tires.

Mountain Snowflake Symbol

Not every winter tire gets the mountain snowflake symbol. Hankook i*Pike RS (W419) tires do. But what does this symbol mean? The mountain snowflake symbol is only given to tires that can perform in extreme winter driving conditions. If you invest in a set of winter tires, be sure to check for this important symbol, which is only given by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA).