JK Tyre Vectra Tires

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JK Tyre® Vectra tires were designed using advanced computerized modeling and simulation. The result is tires that can provide superb handling, an excellent grip, and a comfortable ride. So if you drive a passenger sedan, consider JK Tyre Vectra tires for your next set of new tires. They might be just right for you and your vehicle.

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Technology & Benefits of JK Tyre Vectra Tires


JK Tyre Vectra tires use several features designed to provide you with crisp handling that can help make every drive safer and more enjoyable. The continuous center rib keeps the tire in constant contact with the pavement so your vehicle can respond quickly to your steering. The shoulders (the area where the tread pattern meets the sidewall) of JK Tyre Vectra tires are engineered specifically for stability, which aids the cornering performance of your car.


JK Tyre Vectra tires have a tread pattern that uses a specially designed, "subtle groove design" according to the manufacturer. This feature helps enhance braking on wet and on dry roads. In other words, these tires help reduce the distance that it takes your vehicle to come to a complete stop. The tread ribs (the rows of tread blocks around the tires) further enhance traction and not just while braking. They also help your vehicle maintain its grip as you accelerate and maneuver.


The supple sidewalls found in JK Tyre Vectra tires add a little extra comfort to your drive. If you're sitting on a new set of JK Tyre Vectra tires, you'll experience a quieter and a smoother ride.

Key Fitments

JK Tyre Vectra tires will fit on many different vehicles. If you drive a sedan made by Ford, Nissan, or Toyota, then JK Tyre Vectra tires might fit your car.