Kelly Edge A/S Tires

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Kelly® Edge A/S tires are reliable all-season passenger tires that fit a wide variety of vehicles. From sedans to SUVs, wagons to crossovers, and everything in between, there's a good chance that Kelly Edge A/S tires will fit. So if you want all-season traction, durability, and excellent steering response, consider Kelly Edge A/S tires for your vehicle.

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Technology & Benefits of Kelly Edge A/S Tires

All-season Traction

Kelly Edge A/S tires feature rain grooves, high-volume sipes and a large number of biting edges to help create traction. These design elements found in the tread pattern can grip the road in the many different conditions you can face on the road. They are engineered for traction in the extreme heat of the summer, on roads covered in rain, and also through light snow, slush, and ice.

Long Lasting

For a tire to be truly reliable and a good value, they should last for a long time. Kelly Edge A/S tires are built from tough materials and feature a tread pattern that optimizes contact with the road. The result is a longer tread life because these tires can actually resist the type of wear that can require premature tire replacement.

Confident Handling

Kelly Edge A/S tires are also excellent for confident handling. The steering response that they provide can help you maintain control when driving conditions are poor due to the weather or the driving surface.