Kelly Explorer Plus Tires

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Kelly® Explorer Plus tires are reliable all-season tires for a wide range of passenger vehicles. With these tires, you get a lot of value. They can deliver great handling and traction. They'll also make your driving more comfortable. All that, and you can get Kelly Explorer Plus tires for a very reasonable price.

RightTurn makes it easy for you to get the right tires. In fact, we only match your vehicle with tires that meet all of its safety standards. That way, you can't get the wrong tires. The easiness doesn't stop there. After you choose your new tires, we help you schedule an installation appointment and send your tires directly to the installer at no additional cost.

Technology & Benefits of Kelly Explorer Plus Tires

Confident Handling

Kelly Explorer Plus tires have a design that incorporates 2 tough steel belts. These belts enhance the stability of these tires at low and high speeds. The result is consistent steering response every time you turn your steering wheel.

Versatile Traction

As all-season tires, Kelly Explorer Plus tires provide traction that you can rely on in many different conditions. When the roads are incredibly hot under the summer sun, when it's raining, and as the temperature changes significantly throughout the day. Those are just some of the many different weather conditions that these tires can grip through.


When you're riding on Kelly Explorer Plus tires, you get an extra dimension of comfort. They feature polyester cord construction, which makes your ride quieter and smoother.