Kelly Safari TSR

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Kelly® Safari TSR tires are all-season all-terrain tires for trucks and SUVs. They can give your vehicle an added touch of toughness to keep it rolling when you're off-roading. They promote responsive steering and traction. On top of that, they look good. Real good.

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Technology & Benefits of Kelly Safari TSR Tires

Off-road Handling

Kelly Safari TSR tires feature multi-directional zigzag sipes in their tread pattern. These small grooves in the tread are able to lock together to create driving stability in rough terrain. High stability results in good handling because the tires are able to respond to steering as they were designed to.

Self-cleaning Tread

Kelly Safari TSR tires have self-cleaning tread. They eject stones, clear out dirt, and stay free of mud on their own. As a result, the tread can stay clear to continue gripping the driving surface. When you're off-road driving, that's crucial.

Rugged Style

Expert handling and reliable traction are great for all-terrain tires, but why not also get tires that look good. Kelly Safari TSR tires can give you all of those benefits. They can enhance the rugged profile of your vehicle so you look like the off-road warrior you are.