Kelly Snowtrakker Radial ST/2 Tires

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Kelly™ Snowtrakker® Radial ST/2 tires will help you and your passengers stay safe on winter roads. Many drivers believe that their all-season tires are good enough to get them through tough conditions. However, winter tires, also known as snow tires, will make a huge difference in safety no matter what kind of vehicle you drive, coupe to 4x4. Kelly Snowtrakker Radial ST/2 tires in particular have what it takes to keep a grip in severe conditions.

Benefits of Kelly Snowtrakker Radial ST/2 Tires


Kelly Snowtrakker Radial ST/2 tires have a tread pattern designed to provide optimal traction in various conditions. Dry roads, wet roads, and roads covered by snow and ice are no match for these tires. Unlike the materials in all-season tires, the materials in these tires maintain flexibility in temperatures consistently at or below freezing. Greater flexibility results in optimal contact with the road and better traction.

RMA Ratings

It's not just Kelly claiming that these tires will provide safety in winter conditions. Kelly Snowtrakker Radial ST/2 tires boast 2 important designations from the RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association). They have an M+S rating, which signifies their ability to grip in mud and snow. They also have the mountain snowflake symbol, an indication of their outstanding traction in extreme winter weather.

Studdable Tires

If Kelly Snowtrakker Radial ST/2 tires alone don't provide enough traction, they're pinned for tire studs. Before you add studs to your tires, check with local law enforcement. Some cities and towns do not allow them and other require them.