Kumho eco Solus KL21

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Do you own a premium crossover or sport utility vehicle? If so, RightTurn.com recommends checking out the Kumho® eco Solus® KL21. This all-season tire was engineered to complement your luxury vehicle with premium comfort. These tires have over 35 SUV and CUV original equipment (OE) fitments including vehicles like BMW X3, Honda CRV, Lexus RX 350, Lexus RX 400H, and Nissan Murano. Everything about the design of this tire gives you premium comfort, better fuel efficiency, and performance-without harming the world around you.

Technology & Benefits of Kumho eco Solus KL21

Peace & Quiet

You bought a luxury vehicle because you wanted the best. Don't let loud tires ruin it. This tire was designed to help ensure a quiet ride. Kumho applied its proprietary noise simulation expertise to create a tire operating at low noise levels.

Fuel Economy

Getting the most from every tank of gas is a high priority these days. These tires were designed to help you do just that. Low rolling resistance technology using high dispersion silica actually strengthens the tire rubber at a molecular level. You can see improved fuel efficiency up to 5%.


All-season tires were designed to tackle dry, wet, and light snow conditions. The Kumho eco Solus KL21 is able to handle wet and dry road conditions. The performance of these tires is so reliable that Hyundai and Kia trust them as OE tires.

Environmentally Friendly

Larger vehicles sometimes get a bad name when it comes to the environment. Thanks to better technology, however, your tires can help. In addition to the fuel economy, these tires were designed to reduce rubber dust particle emission by 10%. Saving the environment just got a whole lot more luxurious.