Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31 Tires

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Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31 tires are the right tires for several sedans and sports cars. These tires offer high performance driving in an affordable package. Whether you want to unleash the full power of your sports car or give your sedan solid and reliable performance, Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31 tires will deliver. These summer tires are great for sedan owners who want a secure, fuel efficient drive during the warm parts of the year.

Technology & Benefits of Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31 Tires

Fuel Efficiency

Are you on a budget? Then you'll love how long these tires last. Kumho engineers used a high dispersion silica compound to make these tires. This special material increases fuel efficiency and tread life.


The silica compound also improves wet grip. Even if the rain is falling, you'll notice the reliable steering response, traction, and road grip. Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31 tires have a race-inspired shape that includes specially placed plies and steel belts. This proven shape improves your tires' performance and transfers all of your vehicle's power to the road.

Wet and Dry Traction

Ecsta SPT KU31 tires were crafted to grip the roads whether they're wet or dry. However, these are summer tires, so they shouldn't be used in cold weather. Using a set of high performance summer tires like these during the warm months is a great way to get the best performance out of your vehicle. When the temperatures dip below 45•F, RightTurn.com recommends switching your tires with a set of winter tires until spring rolls back around.