Kumho Ecsta SPT XRP Tires

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Kumho® Ecsta SPT® XRP tires keep sedan and sports car drivers on the road even after a flat tire. These high performance tires have run-flat technology built into them. You'll be able to get reliable performance from your vehicle on dry and wet roads. In case you run over a pothole or nail (it happens to everyone from time to time), you'll still be able to drive your car to a safe place to wait for help.

That mix of safety and performance makes Kumho Ecsta SPT XRP tires the right match for joyrides and commutes alike.

Technology & Benefits of Kumho Ecsta SPT XRP Tires

Run-Flat Tires

Ecsta SPT XRP tires continue functioning safely after they lose air. If you get a flat tire while you're driving down the highway, getting your car to the side of the road through busy traffic is hard. Even worse, you could lose control of your vehicle because of a flat tire. Run-flat tires avoid those problems by allowing you to keep driving for about 50 miles at up to 50 miles per hour.


Kumho engineers focused on wet and dry road grip when they designed these tires. Expect quick steering response and great handling, rain or shine. While Kumho Ecsta SPT XRP tires are right at home in warm temperatures and in the rain, you shouldn't use them during the winter. RightTurn.com recommends using a set of high performance tires like these during the warm part of the year and using a set of winter tires when temperatures drop.